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The Ultimate Survival Tool 25-in-1 Folding Shovel

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We've all seen those puny survival tools that help you comb your mustache, whittle some toothpicks, or start a little pathetic fire, but what about when you're really looking to survive in the deep dark wilderness? You're going to need a little more than a 2 inch blade that fits into your credit card. This incredible multi-tool shovel is filled with 23 tools including a folding shovel, a pick-axe, blades, fire starters, and more.

Be prepared for any situation without a backpack full of heavy gear! This multifunctional survival tool is A MUST-HAVE in your outdoor equipment! 

The survival shovel uses different attachments that screw onto the shovel to give it essentially and endless amount of usage while camping, hiking, while stranded in the wilderness, for military usage, or even just out in the backyard. With 12 different attachments, it gives the tool more uses such as an emergency whistle, a magnesium rod fire starter, a window breaker, a camera bracket (tripod), a wire clamp, a hunting spear, and plenty more.

Ultimate Survival Tool 23合1多功能折叠铲

The main part of the ultimate survival tool is the shovel head, which you can position into any angle for different uses such as shoveling, digging, prying, bracing, etc... The Edge of the shovel also has a long and extremely sharp blade that can be used for chopping, cutting, and use it as a pick-axe.

Ultimate Survival Tool 23-in-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel

The ultimate survival tool shovel is made using high quality solid carbon steel that's made from an all in one mould that's heat-treated for extreme strength. The handle of the tool is then covered with 2 anti-skid sleeves for incredible hand-grip technology.

A shift key on the head of the shovel will allow you to fold the shovel completely flat, or position it into any angle for whatever you need to use it for. Just press the button, push the shovel head into position, and let go of the button to lock the shovel head into place. You can position the shovel to stand on it for prying something up, at 90 degree angle for optimal digging, or completely flat for shoveling.

Ultimate Survival Tool 23-in-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel


  • Unbreakable Survival Shovel - This survival tool set constructed with military-grade solid carbon steel with aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes that make it sturdy enough deal with survival activities or car/truck emergency
  • Mufti-functional - This ultimate survival shovel incorporates 12 other functions and tools, including a shovel, hoe, saws, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle, knife, fish scaler, emergency hammer, flat-blade screwdriver, and 4 size wrench. These functions will ensure you survive camping with your kids

  • Collapsible and Portable - This camping shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting lock for secure storage and carrying. A durable carry storage bag is coming with the package as camping gifts
  • Not just camping - This tactical shovel is perfect for camping, hiking, gardening, backpacking, hunting, traveling, expedition, car emergency, and outdoor survival

  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed. With this military-level survival shovel, you have the last piece of camping and survival tool you will ever need

Extra tools included

What All Can I Do With The Ultimate Survival Tool?

Here's a list of the uses the survival shovel comes with and that'll help you survive in the wilderness:

  • Shoveling
  • Digging
  • Bracing
  • Cutting (logs, rope)
  • Prying
  • Hammering
  • Window breaking
  • Chipping
  • Fire starting
  • Loud emergency whistling
  • Chopping
  • Camera tripod
  • Wire clamping
  • Self-defense weapon
  • Axing
  • Hoeing (gardening)
  • Hooking
  • Hunting
  • Peeling
  • Chiseling
  • Sawing
  • Shearing
  • Entrenching
  • Bottle/can opening
  • And more...


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