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🎍Set up this stacked planter in your home balcony garden and plant your favorite plants such as strawberries or flowers!🍓🌼A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution:Saving Space, water, and fertilizer.Plant & Stack.

Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers at Home (Strawberries, Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs, Greens, Green Beans, Beets...)

This is a three-dimensional multi-layer flowerpot which can be used to place a variety of plants practical and beautiful and can be placed in the living room balcony office garden and greening projects it is very suitable for growing strawberries herbs flowers succulents.

Material Characteristics: It is made of PP plastic which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance breathability non-deformation firmness and durability and will not take up space when used in multiple layers.

Each flowerpot has 4 planting rooms which can provide enough growth space for plants each flower pot has a slot which can be used as 8 individual flower pots or they can be stacked to build a flower tower to save space.


  • SIZE: L --13 inches (approx. 34.5 cm) long, 13 inches (approx. 34.5 cm) wide, 5 inches (approx. 15 cm) high

  • soil volume: 24 quarts (approx. 24.8 liters) - Easily create grow towers anywhere with 3/4 inch (approx. 1.9 cm) tubing.

  • Indoor/Outdoor - Food safe - Sturdy, flexible and lightweight

  • Use limited space to grow strawberries/herbs/flowers/ succulents

  • Flow-through design - Prevents watering or root rot - Water only 1 top pot and care for 20 plants


Top 10 Questions & Answer:

Question:Hi, how long we can get it if we ordered? And will the base and pole also be shipped with the package?

Answer: It's depends on what kind of delivery you choose. Standard Shipping: 10-15 days, Express Shipping: 7-10 days, and VIP Shipping: 5-7 days. Besides, the base and pole will be free if the customer purchased more than 6 pcs planting pot; because the base and pole which are not made by our factory, we need to go to other factories to customize. Although, the customer can purchase suitable base and pole at local market.
By on February 15, 2021

Question: Which fruits or vegetables would work in here, indoors, with indirect light?

Answer: I like growing bib leaf lettuce, table onions, all kinds of herbs, hens and chicks- sepervivim and small low growing flowers in my stackable planters. they all work and grow really well in the planters.
By scootergirl1952 on January 27, 2021

Question: Does it come with soil?

Answer:The bottom is about 12 inches. I put it on a stand with wheels so I was able to turn it more easily both to water and to adjust for the sun.
By Sandi Marts on January 22, 2021

Question: Could you please send me an explanation how can i use this system with hydroponics? thanks a lot!!

Answer: We have a product called the Smart Farm that uses our larger Mr Stacky planters if you are interested in automatic Hydroponics that uses a pump and timer.

Otherwise you can do hand watering Hydroponics by using Coco peat as the growing medium and the just add plant food to your water. Water just like you would with soil. Hydroponics just means the food is in the water and you are growing out of an inert medium.

Hope this helps,

By on March 8, 2021

Question: How much soil is needed for all 5 tiers

Answer: I had a BIG bag of planting took less than 1/2...probably 4 quarts a tier.
By Cathy on March 9, 2021

Question: Is this made of UV stable plastic to protect against dry rot for multiple years of use?

Answer: Yes UV inhibitors are used to protect against the sun. These same pots are used by commercial vertical farmers across the US. Thank you very much
By Kevin on January 16, 2021

Question: I have never gardened before. I would like to do lettuce, onion, garlic, herbs, and eggplant indoor. Would this product be good for me?

Answer: Maybe on a porch. It might be messy indoor, when you water, therewould be splashes. Eggplant is too big for this, it would need its own larger pot. Lettuce too. Herbs are best. Also it is best to only stack 2 high, it is a bit unstable tp stack all 5. So then you need another drip tray for the other stacks. But we have used these on our patio for 3 years now for herbs..
By Ann on March 7, 2021

Question:Where is this product made?

Answer: This product is made in the U.S.A. I bought the 12 pcs pots for next years garden so I have put it together. It is well made.
By J.K.on January 27, 2021

Question: I want to plant strawberries in these. How do they make out through the winter months? we are in south jersey and it can get below 0 occasionally.

Answer: I'm in CO and during the winter I have to keep in the garage. The first year I did not do this and all the strawberry plants died. Since then I keep in the garage in the winter and occasionally have one or two that die but most survive.
By Ann on March 11, 2021

Question: I don't have a house out doors small space i got plants i just want to know how do i put dirt in here im renting

Answer: you buy the soil and plant the plants!
By Ron. January 18, 2021


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